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Sale of bee equipment

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Sue Creech contacted us with the following:

Giving up beekeeping after many years, due to allergies, I'm selling off all my kit (hives, suits, honey extractor, etc - some new, some used) if any of your members would be interested. Garden sale at Crown House, Ford, PA31 8RH on Saturday 6th July 11-4. Very reasonable prices.

Posted : 29/06/2024 7:12 pm
Murray reacted
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Stainless steel extractors are nearly always well worth a consideration, especially if you haven't got one !!

Posted : 29/06/2024 7:39 pm
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Hi John,

Thanks for the post, I will definately go... there is quite a lot of kit we still need, the list seems to get longer... 




Posted : 01/07/2024 8:20 am
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Brood Nurse Committee

Some thoughts about 2nd hand kit.

What not to buy
Old galvanized or tin plated honey extractors and settling tanks; these are only fit for recycling. Don’t buy old used frames, drawn combs and be cautious about used adult bee suits.

So what’s worth buying?

Any items for sale must be fit for purpose; about a third to two thirds of the new price for equipment in a good and clean condition is fair and reasonable.

  • Nucleus hives and hives (of whatever type you have) along with hive top feeders.

  • Sundries like various manipulation boards, smokers, frame showcases, hive tools.

  • Up-to-date beekeeping books, children’s outgrown bee suits.

  • Stainless steel honey extractors or undamaged food grade polythene extractors and settling tanks of all sizes, can be great buys.

Expect wooden hive parts to have been scraped clean and blow-torched, ready for reuse. Old metal frame runners can easily be replaced. Likewise, poly hives should have been carefully soaked in washing soda or a bleach solution and scrubbed clean.

Guidance about Hive Cleaning and Sterilisation can be found on Beebase as a pdf (reviewed January 2022)

Posted : 01/07/2024 8:36 am
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