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A visit to Gigha (p...
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A visit to Gigha (pt 1)

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What an adventure we had at Gigha today, Saturday 12th December!

Full of enthusiasm and bursting with energy we were unfortunately delayed by an hour by a ferry breakdown, but at least we got there through the valiant attempts of Gary the mechanic, as we were later told.

We would like to thank the Gigha Beekeepers for their warm hospitality and their delicious food. The parsnip and cauliflower soup was a big hit, but it was all delicious and very welcome, thank you!

Murray gave an excellent presentation introducing the twenty or so people present to the hobby of beekeeping. He covered forage, where to site an apiary and went through a lot of different hive options that amply demonstrated there is not one single way of doing things as long as you do it right. 😉 He then went on to describe the anatomy and the early life stages of a honey bee from egg, to larvae to pupae and then adult. Later, he showed photos of comb with different brood patterns of workers, drones and the differences between capped brood (the colour of digestive biscuits) and capped honey, the colour of a cream/white candle. 

Running out of time, he started on the "things to watch out for" section with a very vivid demonstration of what the egg laying pattern of a laying worker (or workers) looks like. And then we had to go home. But suffice to say, there's plenty more to talk about, and we'd love to be invited back once again.

Thank you.

Pictured are Murray and Nicola. We'll include more as we gain permission from folk to post pictures in the future.

Posted : 10/12/2022 8:18 pm
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That was a fast bit of reporting John, thank you.

Posted : 11/12/2022 9:16 am
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