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the asian hornet

report sightings immediately

What you can do now

Learn how to recognise an Asian hornet. The only way to discover the nests is by locating the hornets. Check out this resource on how to identify Asian hornets: Identify Asian Hornets

Three steps to identify

1. Is it predominantly a deep black in colour?
2. Has it a broad orange stripe on the fourth segment of its abdomen?
3. Do its legs appear to be coated with a yellow pigment?

report all sightings

Asian hornet incursion map

It is essential to report any potential sightings promptly so that experts can take swift and efficient measures to eliminate Asian Hornets. The most effective method is to utilise the ‘Asian Hornet Watch’ application to document and report any observations.

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices. Photos and videos can also be sent by email to:

The BBKA will update the  incursion map when there are further sightings of Asian Hornets.

By clicking on the map’s logo (top left), you can choose the desired year. This enables you to see the current year’s sightings or include previous years’ observations of Asian hornets as well.

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