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Beekeeping is a fulfilling hobby that requires you to educate yourself on how best to look after your livestock and invest time in practical care. The honey is always a sweet reward for your efforts.


The Kintyre and Mid-Argyll Beekeepers Association is there to help as you work toward your Beekeeping Certificates, as well as there for help and advice if you just want to pursue it as a hobby. See our recent excursion to Gigha!

how to join

If you would like to join as a member, it's easy! Register, select a member level and take part. Please note, we can only accept members resident in Mid-Argyll and Kintyre.

Where to get local honey

Beekeeper Nicola Holt has some for sale in Kintyre Weigh, Main Street, Campbeltown and the Carradale Community Shop in Carradale.

Beekeeper Rory Colville has some for sale in Kintyre Larder, Main Street, Campbeltown.

Beekeeper Murray Oxborrow has some for sale in McIvor's, Longrow, Campbeltown.

some bees

magnificent close-ups by Murray

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A little about us

We aim to promote and support beekeeping in Kintyre and Mid-Argyll by providing encouragement, advice and education to beekeepers and those thinking about it.

We have regular meetings, usually the third Thursday of every month. They are held at Campbeltown Picture House 7pm. These are open to members and non-members, with non-members paying £3. You can basically ask any questions you want, and you’ll receive tons of advice. We also have the forum where you can register free and ask beekeeping questions there.

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